Lady Irresistible


****Possideo te et divitia tua***

I am a lady of high standards.


I'll take you to your limits with a firm hand.


That's exactly why you will serve me and fall for me.


I will lead you gently but consistently into new worlds that lie far beyond your horizon, in complete, tantalizing darkness. In my mystical realm submission and devotion awaits you - and lastly fulfillment.

Together we will explore the darkest corners of your longings and desires, until finally my delight will shine over you and give you enlightenment. You will not be able to escape my aura while I suck you like a vampire. But like my kind, I will not only take your old life from you - I will also give you a new one, much more intense and full of lust.


It is only a little sting that will change you forever - come closer!






I will control you the way I like it.


That means you will follow me. I determine your day, your night, your thoughts - and not vice versa.


I love clear words and you will thank me for it with your submission.




Since 2009 I'm active in the scene and now after a year break from the online world I'm back to live out my fetish full of energy and zest for action.




I like it classic.

I am your lady and you pay for your pleasure to serve me.

I say something and you follow without contradiction.

Treat me like a lady, and you have a chance of me leading you to your